Securable Network in three-party Protocols

                 Key distribution protocols are used for sharing secret session keys between users on communication networks. Secure communication is possible on insecure public networks by using these shared session keys. However, various security problems exist if key distribution protocols are poorly designed. For example, a malicious attacker may derive the session key from the key distribution process.
                 An intented participant cannot ensure that the received session key is correct or fresh and a legitimate participant cannot confirm the identity of the other sender/receiver. Because of these reasons designing secure key distribution protocols in communication security is a very much important.
                 Our project presents Quantum Key Distribution Protocols (QKDPs) to safeguard security in large networks. Whihc will guide new directions in quantum cryptography and classical cryptography. By our project, we proposed two mediator protocols to demonstrate the merits of new combination. : 1) One mediator protocol with explicit mutual authentication 2) Another mediator protocol with implicit user authentication

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