Online Survey System

                 Online Survey System is a web-based application developed in .Net programming language to facilitate online survey. The main aim of the project is to form a platform to collect the viewpoints of related people about their concerns and feed backs. It can be implemented in any organizations or college for carrying out survey of any kind.
                 The survey can be done anonimously if we want. Organizations mostly want to get the voice from their employees. Our project is focussing on creating survey of any kind - may be feed back about the organization, it can be about industry trends, it can be about some political party etc.
                 Any user with previlege to create the survey can create a survey. The survey link will be created and it can be shared across the intended participants. Users can login to the syste and select their feed back and submit. The survey link will expire on the date specified and the results can be generated through the system

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