Online Entrance Exam

                 You are all aware about entrance examinations and how they are executing it. We will be provided with a set of papers with multiple choice questions and We have to mark the correct answers. The main disadvantage of this system is its time consuming. It will take multiple weeks to evaluate the answer sheets
                 Some of the univercities and colleges have already adopted the online exam model. But still many of them are following the old model. Here we are trying to provide an online Entrance Exam portal, in which Entrance examination can be done through online. Students will be provided with user name and password similar to hall ticket. They can enter into exam hall and enter their credentials to login to the system.
                 Once they logged in , they will feel a similar experience of old exam model and they can mark the answers and submit. They will be provided with time line and once the time is expired, they will automatically logged out

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