Online Allotment System

                 Automated Online Allotment System is software developed to work on web-platform to manage the complete admission procedures of various departments of an institution. The process of admission, notice boards, important declarations , result publish etc are very time consuming and really a big headache if we are doing these all manually. This paper-pen process is not only time consuming but also inefficient and it’s difficult to maintain the paperwork and the records
                 Through this project we are trying to overcome the problem of maintaining paper based records and focussing on digital experience. We are completely automating the allotment system. In addition to that we are sending the push notification to the registerd users.
                 Admin will add list of courses, colleges and the number of available seats in the college. Now the students / parents on their behalf can register and submit their prefernces along with their marks in the previous course attended. They can set prefernces on the college/course they want.

  • Paper-pen oriented work
  • Manual effort and Time consuming
  • Chance of error
  • Student cannot change their preference once submited
  • Publishing updates need manuall effort
  • Publishing results will take time
  • No Paper work needed
  • Easy to apply to courses on preference
  • Students can change preference on demand
  • Updates can be published online and push notifications can be sent
  • Very less manual work needed
  • Results can be published in a single click
  • Admin College/Course registration
  • Student registration
  • Allotment process
  • Change option preference
  • Publish notifications
  • Result publish
For Getting the complete source code and documentation Submit your details here. We will send you the complete source code and database. And we will help you in bulding the project from scratch. We will help you through skype, phone, whats app etc