Hospital Management System

                 Hospital management system(HMS) is an end to end web or computer based system which facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital. HMS helps in making the whole functioning paperless. It manages all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, Pharmacy, Lab, Billing etc.
                 Most of the hospitals are still using the manual paper works for their day to day tasks. Hospitals use manual paper works for patient registration, doctor appointment, Lab reports, Pharmcy , patient history etc. Our aim is to computerise these processes so that they can be easily manage all the things, reduce their manual efforts and save the data digitally. So that there is no need of worryig data lose if some papers lost.
                 With this project we will be computerising patient registration, doctor appointment booking, History of patients, managing Lab reports and Hospital billing. The system Admin has the capability to add doctors and staff to the system. Each staff will be assigned roles and based on their role, they can operate the system.

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