File Encryption And Decryption

                 All of the organizations have the basic requirement of storing the sensitive content. Some of them already have adopted technology to save it securely. But still some organizations are storing sensitive data as it is. They are either storing it at some shared places or uploading it to some server. This is very risk as any one can see their sensitive data. If some able to access the shared location, then the data security is lost
                 Here we are providing a solution for this. By this project what we are trying to achieve is
  • We will encrypt the secure file with one secret key
  • Save the file
  • When they want to download it again, then they need to decrypt it with the secret key

                 Now the problem is solved. User can encrypt the data with a secret key and no one can be able to view the file without secret key. The only thig is that the key has to be kept secret. This will help the organization to keep their sensitive data securely

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