File Encryption and Transfer

                 Secure file transfer is an important thing if we are trying to trnasfer data throgh the internet. As we all know that there are many hackers are available throughout the world for downloading the secure contents. If we are trying to transfer any data through internet, it is important that we must take precautions to get it out of those attackers.
                 Internet is vulnerable to attacks. Here we are providing a solution to send the secure data through the internet. We will encrypt the data with some secret key which is only known to sender and receiver. We will encrypt the file and send it to the Receipient. So only the one who have the secret key will be able to decrypt it.
                 Even though hackers able to download the file through internet, they wont be able to read the contents of the data. On the other end, reciepient will be having the secret key and decrypt the data. So no one else can read the secure contents. Even if we mistakenly sent it to some non intended reciepients, they wont be able to read the contents without the secret key

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